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npm install -g broccoli-taco
Version 0.0.7

Create data-driven static sites.

Broccoli Taco is designed to create data-driven sites with no database. Pages can pull in data (synchronously or asynchronously via Promises) at build time. Arrays of data will generate a page for each item, allowing you to generate an arbitrary number of pages.


Thanks to Broccoli, re-generating the site is super fast. This makes for a really nice development process, especially when paired with livereload.


Each page is a folder. The only required file in a folder is an index.hbs file. The folder can also include data.js, page.js, and page.css files.


Define data for pages as functions, promises or JSON files. Create helpers and partials to fit your needs. Provide global and page-specific assets.

Why & When Broccoli Taco?

If you are looking to write blog posts in markdown, Jekyll is a good solution. But if you want more fine-grained control over templates, assets and data, you might find Broccoli Taco useful. Some examples where this project may be useful include:

  • A personal website with stand-alone interactive blog posts that require specific assets and markup on different pages.
  • Data visualizations that don’t need to be real-time. A server could regenarate the website at an interval appropriate for the data set.
  • Prototyping ideas before deciding on a backend framework.
  • Project pages like this one.


So why another static site generator? The main reasons I made this is to have fast asset compilation during development, per-page assets, and the ablity to pull in data asynchronously at build time. I couldn’t find anything I was happy with. Suggestions, criticisms and pull requests welcome.

View the documentation for more details.

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